Our Brigade

Position   Position  
Captain Jeremy Wilson Treasurer Alan Burtenshaw
Senior Deputy Captain Jason White Secretary Jeremy Wilson
Deputy Captain Rod Wellington Exec Rep Member Steve Pearce
Deputy Captain Robert Boardman Exec Rep Member Peter Zannino
Deputy Captain Spare Equipment/Maintenance Steve Pearce & Peter Zannino
Deputy Captain Spare FFH&S Rep Shane Thomas
Deputy Captain Spare RFSA Rep Steven Lake
Deputy Captain Spare Community Enagagement Thomas Sinclair
President Terry Bruce Training Jason White & Robert Boardman
Vice President Shane Thomas
Young Person's Rep Thomas Sinclair
Brigade & Members Information
Content Link
The Oaks Constitution  Constitution
The Oaks Brigade Rules & Standing Order  Brigade Rules
Maintenance Roster  Maintenance Roster v11 2019-2021
Maintenance Roster Guidelines  Maintenance Guidelines
Out of Area Roster Sept 19 to Apr 20 Yet to be advised
2019/2020 Calendar  2019/2020 Calendar
Wollondilly Brigade Map  Brigade Boundary Map [Large File]
Pre Determined Response Schedule  Pre Determined Response (PDR)
Servive Standards (SS) & Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's)
SOP Link
Fireground SOP's OMP Fire Ground SOP's
CABA Medical Form CABA Medical SOP and Form
Safe Working on Roofs OMP Safe Working on Roofs
Safe Driving OMP Safe Driving SOP's

How to Join
Please email Jeremy Wilson (Secretary) to request information, or arrange a time to meet and discuss further.

Contact Us
Suggestions, feedback and corrections to information on this website can be directed to either the Secretary, or Webmaster (Debborah Kerr).
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