2017 - 2018 Brigade Year

2017 Meeting Agenda Meeting Minutes
Feb  9th Feb  Agenda - Download here  9th Feb Meeting Minutes - Download here
Apr  13th Apr Agenda - Download here 13th Apr Meeting Minutes -Download here
May 11th May AGM Agenda - Download here 11th May AGM Minutes - Download here
July 13th July Agenda - Download here 13th July Meeting Minutes - Download here
Sept 14th September Agenda - Download here 14th September Meeting Minutes - Download here
Nov 9th November Agenda - Download here 9th November Meeting Minutes - Download here
Dec 14th December Agenda - Download here 14th December Meeting Minutes -Download here
2018 Meeting Agenda Meeting Minutes
Feb 8th Feb Agenda - Download here 8th Feb Meeting Minutes - Meeting Cancelled
Apr 12th Apr Agenda - Download here 12th Apr Meeting Minutes -
May 10th May AGM Agenda - Download here 10th May AGM Minutes -

Remember - Brigade Meeting Minutes are password Protected. The password is known to The Oaks Brigade members. If you need to be reminded of the password, please contact the Brigade Secretary.

Feedback !! If you have any comments or suggestions for improving our meetings, we'd love to hear from you. Click in the Feedback link icon to send feedback to the Brigade Secretary

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