Brigade Training and RFS Courses

2017 - 2018 Brigade Year

Monday @ 1900hrs  Activity Sunday @ 0800hrs  Activity
Wedensday @ 1900hrs
1st May Quiz Night 21st May Working Bee 24th May
Car Fires
5th June Driving - SOP, RFS, RMS 18th June Hose Work & Portable Pumps (BF) 28th June Door Entry, Search Techniques
3rd July Fire Behaviour & fire ground operations 16th July McCloud work, Hose work, Pumping (BF)  26th July Ropes and Ladders
7th August BF Revision night 20th Aug MVA - First on Scene 23rd Aug Structural Fires
4th Sept
Fire Over Run, Dead Man's Zone
17th Sept
Open Day &
Getting Ready for the Fire Season
27th Sept MVA Fires
2nd Oct N/A Public Holiday 15th Oct Grassland Fires 25th Oct Equipment Check,Donning
& Doffing
6th Nov Fire Over Run, Responding to Fire Calls 19th Nov Portable Pumping & Property Protection 22nd Nov Door Entry, Search Techniques
4th Dec Fire Weather & Behaviour 17th Dec Christmas Lunch !!! 27th Dec N/A
1st Jan N/A Public Holiday 21st Jan Hydraulics & Pumping 24th Jan MVA Fires
5th Feb Map Reading 18th Feb  Hose Work & Portable Pumps 28th Feb Equipment Check,Donning
& Doffing
5th Mar Radios & ITASC 18th Mar Structural Fires, Setting up, Hydrants 28th Mar MVA Fires
2nd April N/A Easter 15th Apr Ropes and Ladders 26th Apr N/A
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