Brigade Training and RFS Courses

2019 - 2020 Brigade Year

Monday @ 1900hrs  Activity Sunday @ 0800hrs  Activity
Wedensday @ 1900hrs
6th May   19th May   29th May
Equipment review
3rd June Radio Procedure and Communications 16th June   26th June Appin BA recert
1st July Radio Procedure and Communications 21st July Defensive Structural Fire Fighting Set up Practical  24th July Offensive Structural Fire Fighting Set up
5th Aug Asbestos Training 18th Aug Asbestos Training 28th Aug Picton BA recert 
2nd Sept
Getting Ready for the Fire Season - Equipment/Truck review
15th Sept
Open Day/Get Ready
25th Sept MVA - First on Scene
7th Oct N/A Public Holiday 20th Oct Grassland Fires 23rd Oct The Oaks BA recert
4th Nov Fire Over Run, Responding to Fire Calls 17th Nov Portable Pumping & Property Protection 27th Nov Donning & Doffing
2nd Dec Radio & ITASC 15th Dec Christmas Lunch !!! 27th Dec N/A
6th Jan N/A 19th Jan Hydraulics & Pumping 22rd Jan Door Entry, Search Techniques
3rd Feb Fire Weather & Behaviour 16th Feb Hose Work & Portable Pumps 26th Feb Silverdale BA recert
2nd Mar Driving SOP 15th Mar Structural Fires, Setting up, Hydrants 25th Mar MVA Fires
6th April Ropes and Ladders 19th Apr Area Familiarisation 22nd Apr Douglas Park BA recert
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