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Brigade News

1st October 2017

Call Outs - Well, it was a slow start to our brigade year, but not after this month (Sept). September 2017 was the second busiest after 2007/2008. Along with the regular calls, we had two (2) Out of Area call outs and had a team on standby for a futher day. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend throughout the month. 
New Members - We are pleased to let you know that 3 people have applied to join the team. These are Glen, Peter and Steve. They have been interviewed, and paperwork will go to Picton for approval (after the Long weekend). Please introduce yourselve to them and help them as much as you call to bring them into the team.
Training - There is no Monday training this month due to the Long Weekend, next training is on 15th October
Bush Firefighter Awareness - The Oaks (thanks to Rodney) has taken the lead on providing the BFA course to the local SES commands, and Head Office. If anyone is interested in helping out, please let Rod or Jeremy know,
Out of Area  (OoA) Roster has been finalised by Picton and put into the Calendar tab. This is our roster, plus the composite crew roster with Oakdale/The Oaks/Orangeville&Werombi, which the FCC has approved. RED = The Oaks Rostered shift; ORANGE = Composite Crew with Oakdale/Orangeville&Werombi/The Oaks. The preference on priority is our RED shift, but if you can more or it fits with your home and work life then either is great - Thanks in advance

Attendance tab has been update to September. Please check that I have picked up your various attendance's such as RFS training, Call Outs, Brigade Training, Other activities. If I have missed you off some activity please let me know.
Fire Season - There is still not a lot of rain forecast for the coming months. As we know the place is dry and drying out some more (lots of wind and warmth). It could be a big season. A few things tyo consider :-
1) Make sure you have a Fire plan and your family know it. You may well be fighting fires somewhere other than at home, so you loved ones need to know what to do incase of a bush fire.
2) Let work and family know if you are looking to help with Out of Area (OoA) calls. The Oaks has put in (as advice received from you) that we will have members available to assist in other areas.
3) Try and gain or keep a level of Fitness. If it is a big or long season, we wont to be there for the long hall.
4) If you can help, please do.

Maintanence in October is Bruce and Thomas !!!

Brigade Stats

September 2017
  • 9 Call Outs this month, plus 2 Out of Areas (OoA), second busiest September on record for us. Short term average was 6.8, Long term was 5.9.
  • Average had lept back up to 5.4 per month, pretty much on the short term average.
  • 2 out of the 9 had no one respond/attend.
  • 3 were escaped pile burns/grass alights.
  • Pat & Jeremy attended 5 each, Deb & Thomas made 4 a piece.
  • Wednesday & Thursday each had 3 calls
  • 1200 to 1259hrs was the most frequent time with 3, then 1100 to 1159hrs with 2
May to Now
  • 27 Call Outs so far;
  • Average is 5.4 call outs a month. Long Term average is 4.3, Short Term average is 5.5;
  • Most common day is Wednesday on 9, then Saturday on 6
  • So far we are averaging a call out every 5.4 days;
  • Duration is averaging out at 74 minutes;
  • Average attendance is 4.2 crew members;
  • 'Fire' is the most common call out type with 16, then MVA with 5;
  • Currently Deb & Jeremy are leading The Oaks cup with 15 (56%) attendances, then  Alan , Pat & Thomas  are next on 13 (48%)

Activities this Week

  • Monday Night Training - N/A
  • Exec Meeting - 4th

Following Weeks

  • Sunday Training - 15th
  • BA training - 25th
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