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Brigade News

 13 November 19


General News - The North of NSW is burning. Thank you to all members who have participated in assisting up there. The Summer is yet to come but already the conditions are getting very concerning in our own area.
Please consider both your own Fire Plan but also discuss with your employers your availability for both local and Out of Area (OoA) incidents. 
Very busy start to the Brigade year and a continued business to 2019. See below stats.
Availability - again a reminder, please update your availablity on BART regularily/weekly. As we've noted before, we are again considered a reliable brigade to provide crews, so it would be helpful to know who is able and about. Please respond to SMS's or emails or Bart 'discussion' calls - I know most do, but not all. Even a simple 'yes' or 'no' would be sufficient. 

Call Outs - We've been a little busy of late. Since the last update (Sept) we've had 24 Call Outs. 105 so far for 2019 Calendar year. 74 for the Brigade year, so far. See below for stats
BART - could you all try and use Bart for letting us know if you are attending a call please simply press eitheror that gives the team who are getting to or already at the station an understanding if else is coming. Please try and use Bart for identifying your availability.

Maintanence - We have a new maintenance roster - see Our Brigade for the latest verion. November is Deb and Frank


Brigade Stats

2019 Overall
  • 105 Call Outs for the year so far (mid way through November). Busiest year on record
  • 4 out of 11 months so far exceed previous records, for call outs .
  • Average is 9.5 call outs a month.
  • That's a Call Out very 3 days
May 19 to now
  • 74 Call Outs so far;
  • Average is 10.6 call outs a month. Long Term average is 4.6, Short Term average is 6;
  • Most common day is Saturday on 15, then Thursday on 14 and Friday on 13
  • So far we are averaging a call out every 2.9 days;
  • Duration is averaging out at 72 minutes;
  • The 'Day crew' have been to 28 of the 74 or 38%
  • Average attendance is really high with 5 crew members;
  • 'Fire' is the most common call out type with 43, then Hazardous Conditions with 13, followed by MVA's 7;
  • Currently Peter Z is leading The Oaks cup, with 55 (74%) attendances, then Jeremy on 43 (58%), then Jason on 42 (57%), followed by Colin & Pat wih 27 (36%)

Activities this Week

  • General Meeting - 14th

Following Weeks

  • Sunday Training - 17th Nov
  • K Ranch Fundraiser - 17th Nov
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